In Defense of Public Education

Join us for “In Defense of Public Education,” a major address on the current state and future of public education in the United States. AFT President Randi Weingarten will emphasize the vital role public education plays in providing broad-based opportunities for our children to thrive, despite the attacks by culture warriors.

Livestreaming Tuesday, March 28 at 9am Eastern

American Educator Author Index

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Abbott, Martha G.

Adair, Alexandra

Adams, Marilyn Jager

Adelman, Clifford


Agarwal, Pooja K.

Agostinelli, Anne

Aharoni, Ron

Ahn, Janet N.

Albrecht, Christopher

Allen, Danielle

Almontaser, Debbie

Alvarado, Anthony

Anderson, Janet

Anrig, Greg

Archer, Jeff

Arrastía-Chisholm, Meagan C.

Ashbrook, Peggy

Ashley, Dana M.

Ashman, Greg

Astor, Ron Avi

August, Diane

Augustine, Catherine H.


Baker, Bruce D.

Ball, Deborah Loewenberg

Barlowe, Avram

Barnes, Shailly Gupta

Barnett, W. Steven

Barthelus, Bloodine

Barton, Craig

Barzun, Jacques

Bear, Rachel

Becker, Kelly Iwanaga

Beeler, Terri

Bennett, Tom

Bennett-Armistead, V. Susan

Benson, Lee

Berkman, Michael

Berlinski, David

Berns, Walter

Berry, Barnett

Bigelow, Kimberly

Bingham, Gary E.

Bivens, Josh

Blank, Martin J.

Blank, Marty

Blevins, Wiley

Boaler, Jo

Bollag, Burton

Bonds, Mahauganee Shaw

Boone, Monique

Bornfreund, Laura

Boyd, Ashley S.

Boyle, James

Branch, Glenn

Breakstone, Joel

Breiseth, Lydia

Bridges, Khiara M.

Brix, Michael

Brown, Catherine

Brown, John Seely

Brown, Marjorie

Brown, Willard

Brownell, Mary T.


Burke, Jim

Burroughs, Nathan A.

Bushweller, Kevin


Calarco, Jessica

Callahan, Rebecca M.

Campbell, Patricia Shehan

Cantor, Pamela

Capsello, Nicole