The Equality Act would ensure that LGBTQI+ people can work and live without fear or threat of discrimination. Click "start writing" and tell your elected officials to support the Equality Act.

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AFT Actions

Republican extremists in the House of Representatives are working to make deep cuts to education, healthcare and other vital services, and it's up to us to stop them. Read more below about the 2023 House Appropriations bill, and how you can spread the word about this awful bill.

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      Extremists across the country have been working to ban books and rewrite history. It is vital to our future that we understand our past. and invest in the educational resources to teach honest history in our schools.

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      The Richard L. Trumka Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act recognizes that all workers deserve the fundamental right to form a union—giving private sector workers a voice on the job by making it easier to bargain for fair pay and working conditions. Tell your legislators to pass the PRO Act now.

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      The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO) threatens a secure retirement for millions of public service workers. Tell Congress to stop penalizing our teachers and public employees!

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