Careers at AFT

Available positions at AFT headquarters

Administrative staff

Senior Associate, Health Issues

Health Issues

Senior Associate, Financial Analyst

Research, Strategic Initiatives & Economic Security

Senior Associate, Office Manager

SW Mountain Region

Senior Associate

Administration and Infrastructure

Confidential Assistant Director, Legal


National Representative

Organization and Field Services



Support staff

Administrative Assistant

Health Issues

Accounting Assistant I


Meetings Assistant

Convention, Meetings and Travel

Administrative Assistant

AFT Higher Education


Communications Intern


Research Internship

Research and Strategic Initiatives

Collective Bargaining Intern

Research and Strategic Initiatives

AFT Student Debt Program Intern

Research and Strategic Initiatives

Educational Issues Intern

Educational Issues

International Intern

International Affairs 


You can find and apply for all of our AFT national job postings at AFT Careers: Glassdoor and AFT Careers: Indeed.

Available positions at AFT State and Local Affiliates

AFT Affiliate

Research and Educational Services Assistant, NYSUT

Educational Services Assistant, NYSUT

Labor Representative, Montana Nurses Association