We want students to learn about both our nation’s achievements that make us proud and the failings that make us strive to do better.

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A new AFT task force is exploring ways to fix shortages in public employment.

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New American Educator: Building on the promise and potential of public schools.

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New AFT Health Care on the staffing crisis, workplace violence and corporate greed.

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Failure to pay down the national debt would cause tremendous economic harm to the American people.

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Republican legislators falsely accused AFT President Randi Weingarten of working to keep schools closed during the pandemic.

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Boston Teachers Union president Jessica Tang writes about her experience as an Asian American student, teacher, and now as a union leader.

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Retired activists at their first organizing conference all had the same goal: to discover techniques to help them build their retiree power.

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Staffing by the numbers

Nurses & Health Professionals

Telemetry techs are used to caring for about 110 patients per day on average, but now they typically care for more than 150. AFT member Niky Jones explains what those figures mean for her and her patients. 

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National campaign on healthcare staffing

Nurses & Health Professionals

The AFT launched a major national campaign to shine a spotlight on and address the country’s dire healthcare staffing crisis.

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Reading Opens The World

Public Education

Our new multiyear literacy campaign, “Reading Opens the World,” is designed to support students, educators and families and foster an ongoing love of reading.

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Trauma counseling


AFT's trauma counseling benefit provides help and healing for our members, whenever needed, wherever a member may be.

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NewsGuard's leading anti-misinformation tool will be offered to AFT members, and their students and families.

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