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National Nurses Week

Nurses & Health Professionals
The AFT honors nurses and other health professionals who have devoted themselves to a grueling profession with compassion and perseverance.
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Reclaim Our Future

Our community
Every person in America deserves the freedom to thrive. Read about our bold, action-oriented agenda.
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The AFT and other borrower advocates are celebrating the cancellation of $6.2 billion in student debt for 100,000 public service workers.

Take Action

The negligent indifference to the safety of healthcare workers has ensured hospitals remain one of most dangerous places to work in America. Enough is enough. Show your support for safe staffing levels for healthcare workers.

Support Nurses. Demand Safe Staffing.

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Learning beyond COVID

Safely Reopening Schools Our Roadmap

The AFT has been working hard since April 2020 to get students back in classrooms. Visit our Reopening Schools page for our reports, poll findings and video conversations.

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Randi's Corner

Randi's Corner

News and resources from the office of the president

from AFT President Randi Weingarten

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