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The PRO Act is the cornerstone of the AFL-CIO’s Workers First Agenda. Stronger unions mean higher wages, safer working conditions and dignity for all people who work. The PRO Act is our first step to 'Build Back Better with Unions.' Tell your member of Congess to vote “yes” on the PRO Act.

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COVID-19 mythbusting

Health & safety
Setting the record straight on dangerous misinformation campaigns fueling skepticism and hesitance around the COVID-19 vaccines.
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Reopening schools safely

Public Education
We’ve been working on ensuring we can reopen schools safely since April 2020. Here are resources and plans for how to do so.

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Call your senators and tell them to include schools, job training, broadband internet, and green infrastructure priorities in the upcoming budget reconciliation bill to make a bold investment in our country’s future.

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Randi's Corner

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