It’s time to end gun violence

We know that this problem can be solved. Gun violence is not a predetermined fact of life that we must be prepared for—it is a consequence of decisions made by our elected leaders.

The problem extends beyond mass shootings. Gun violence affects the lives of our students far too often, inside and outside of schools, especially in communities of color. It is way past time for our leaders to take real action.

Keeping Our Schools Safe


March for Our Lives participant

Gun violence in schools is a complex issue. Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, issued a report that provides a clear roadmap for how to tackle the problem from multiple angles, outlining strategies proven to help improve school safety. The three organizations are calling on lawmakers to stand up to the gun lobby and take immediate action to finally start protecting our schools from gun violence. 

The American people want change

A 2018 poll, commissioned by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the AFT, found that a vast majority of respondents support commonsense policies, like universal background checks and providing federal funding to school mental health programs, over arming teachers.

  • Across the 11 districts surveyed, 83 to 90 percent of Americans, including 83 to 92 percent of people from gun-owning households, support requiring background checks before the sale of any gun.
  • 57 to 71 percent of Americans, and 53 to 62 percent of respondents from gun-owning households, support a nationwide ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
  • 59 to 71 percent of Americans, and 55 to 68 percent of gun-owning households, think that banning assault weapons and bump stocks, requiring background checks on all gun sales, and raising the age of gun ownership to 21 are better strategies than buying guns, arming teachers, and allowing private citizens and employees to carry guns in schools.

These results are clear. We must stand in solidarity across the country and demand action NOW.