Disaster relief & emergency preparedness

Disaster relief: Hurricanes and floods

During hurricane season, communities in the Caribbean, up and down the Atlantic and in the Gulf coastal areas are all potentially in the hurricane and flood zone.

While we call on the federal and state government to help, in these times of disaster we, as a union family, must respond as we have in past crises.

Please see our page of resources for members, their families, and communities struggling through the effects of hurricanes. Additionally, click here for our resources for floods and their aftermath.

Disaster relief for Maui wildfires.

Emergency preparedness

We’re entering an era that will likely bring more extreme weather and natural disasters, including hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and floods that will affect our members and the communities they serve. We must be prepared. 

The AFT and our affiliates have responded to numerous calls for help over the years. We have witnessed local affiliates braving disasters big and small. Some of the most effective efforts have come from locals with emergency response plans already in place. 

Every union needs a plan. Our members look to us for guidance during emergencies. We have developed a toolkit, organized in sections, to assist you in creating a new emergency plan or improving an existing one.

I. Employer emergency preparedness 

The union can play an active role in employer emergency preparedness and response plans. LEARN MORE.

II. Federal emergency management agency (FEMA) resources

When disasters overwhelm state and local resources, the federal government can step in to help. LEARN MORE.

III. Post-disaster resources

Resources to help disaster victims get back on their feet. LEARN MORE.

IV. Health & safety hazards—protecting members after disasters

Protecting members' health and safety after a disaster. LEARN MORE.

V. Post-event trauma

Resources to help children and adults cope in the aftermath of a disaster. LEARN MORE.