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Becoming a Teacher

Teaching, while both challenging and demanding, is an incredibly rewarding profession. Teachers work in an exciting and fast-paced environment where they are required to make quick decisions throughout the day; deliver effective instruction; cultivate a rigorous and nurturing climate for learning; and foster the academic, social, and emotional growth of their students. Teachers derive great personal satisfaction by improving the lives of their students. If you are interested in a personally fulfilling career helping children realize their dreams, improving our society and advancing social justice, find out why becoming a teacher is the right choice for you.

Share My Lesson Brochures

Share My Lesson is a place where anyone who works with students, inside or outside of schools, can come together to share their very best resources. Developed by educators, this free platform gives access to high-quality resources and provides an online community where educators and parents can collaborate with, encourage and inspire each other. These brochures offer an introduction to Share My Lesson and show you how to get started.

Igniting the Fire

This toolkit sheds light on why after-school programs are crucial in helping meet the needs of children; and it provides structure and guidance for educators who want to incorporate project learning (a process in which students apply what they've learned to deepen their understanding, usually ending in a product or performance) into after-school curriculum. Produced with support from the C.S. Mott Foundation. (Dec. 2011)

Colorín Colorado! ELL Starter Kit for Educators: Tools for Monitoring Language Skills

This kit provides helpful forms for PK-12 educators who work with ELLs to find out if they’re on track learning the important academic English skills they need to be successful. Included in the kit are: monthly tracking forms; a glossary of common phrases and words used in Spanish; a list of Spanish-English cognates; a list of recommended bilingual, culturally appropriate storybooks for children; and information on PK-3 literacy tip sheets available for parents in 11 languages. Item no. 39-0487. $2 each (June 2007).

Transitioning to Kindergarten: A Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators

This toolkit provides early childhood educators with a comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use set of resources to enhance the transition to kindergarten for all children. The toolkit provides many opportunities for educators to document critical information about a child's progress in reading readiness, as well as qualitative information about a child's early literacy, cognitive, social, linguistic and physical development. This resource has a mix of charts and one-pagers to be filled out by teachers and parents and passed on to a child's kindergarten teacher, as well as guidelines for collecting valuable examples of drawing and other work samples throughout the year. (2014)

Tips for Student Discipline

Here are some specific tips that can help you establish, maintain or restore order in the classroom, many of which can be used on the school bus, the playground, or any other place where school employees supervise students. $1 each (1999).

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