PreK-12 Public Education Resources Students with Special Needs

Supporting Students with Autism

This booklet provides information for teachers and paraprofessionals on teaching students with autism, working with related service professionals, and building relationships with parents and families. (Dec. 2017)

A Teachers’ Guide to the Common Core

This document was designed to support teachers of ELLs and students with disabilities as they seek to help their students meet new, higher standards in English language arts. Produced by AFT for AFT Connecticut, and supported by an AFT Innovation Fund grant.

The Diabetes Dilemma

About one in every 400 school-age child has diabetes. Several state legislatures are being asked to consider legislation that would train nonmedical staff (teachers, paraprofessionals and others) to provide routine and emergency care to students with diabetes. This publication explains why a better solution would be to ensure that school nurses provide this care. Item no. 67-0067. $1 each (August 2004).

Closing the Achievement Gap: Focus on Latino Students

This policy brief provides the data and context to support the AFT's call for increased attention to the condition of education for Latino students. It discusses the current demographic and achievement trends of Latinos, some of the specific barriers to closing the achievement gap, and presents a set of recommendations to improve educational opportunities for Latino children. Item no. 39-PB0017. $1 each (March 2004).

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