Frequently Asked Questions

Robert G. Porter Scholars Program FAQs

Q. What are the criteria? Is this scholarship/grant based on need, merit, or ethnicity?

A. The scholarship/grant is solely merit-based, centering on academic excellence. Volunteerism and activism at the school and community level are also highly regarded.

Q. Can GED students apply? What about students who went to college on "early entry" and never attended high school?

A. Only those GED or "early entry" students who are graduating in their senior year are eligible to apply.

Q. My son/daughter is a freshman in college. Can he/she apply?

A. No. Only high school seniors are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

Q. When do you accept applications?

A. Application period opens Dec. 1 and closes March 31. Applications are accepted online only. Under no circumstances will we accept applications submitted beyond March 31. However, applicants have until April 14 to submit third-party responses.

Q. Why are AFT staff at the local or national level prohibited from applying?

A. To ensure the integrity of the competition, AFT staff at any level, and their family members, are ineligible to apply.

Q. My aunt (uncle, grandparent) is a member. Why am I not eligible to apply?

A. If the aunt, uncle, grandparent or other relative is the legal guardian of the applicant, then the applicant is eligible to apply.

Q. My mother/father is now deceased but was an AFT member for many years. Am I eligible to apply?

A. Though we appreciate the support and dedication of our long-term members, an eligible applicant must be a dependent of a current or retired member in good standing.

Q. When will an applicant know the results?

A.  All applicants will be notified before June 30 of the results.