Finance & Legal

AFT members can take advantage of all the AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union has to offer union members and their households—car loans, home equity line of credit, first mortgage loans, ATM access, online banking, mobile banking with the Mobile APP … and more.

Credit-qualified members can take control of their finances by consolidating high-interest consumer and credit debt into a personal loan that features no hidden fees and one predictable monthly payment.

Free consumer credit counseling, budget advice and discounted debt-management services are available 24 hours a day to help members with confidential financial guidance.

The AFT+ Card Program offers several card choices designed to meet the needs of AFT members and their families. The AFT+ Credit Card Program is issued by Capital One.

For personal matters, members can choose from two levels of legal savings: a prepaid legal plan with full coverage on a wide range of services, or free access to a discount legal plan that includes a half-hour consultation.
New York State United Teachers members have a legal services program through NYSUT Member Benefits Trust. NYSUT members can call 800-626-8101 for more information.

In tough times, a variety of AFT + Member Benefits programs, through Union Plus, offer tools to help stretch your household budget and in some cases, offer direct financial aid. Members who have an AFT/Union Plus credit card, a Union Plus mortgage, or a personal loan may be eligible for increased financial benefits due to job loss or furlough.

In the event you experience identity theft or resulting fraud, AFT members can receive a free 60-minute consultation with a professional fraud resolution specialist. Services include learning how to restore your identity and good credit, protect yourself against further fraud or loss, and communicate with creditors and collection agencies. Other features include a free emergency response kit, assistance with the steps for disputing fraudulent debts, a free initial consult with an attorney and 25 percent off attorney’s customary fees or hourly rates. Call 866-875-8385 for assistance. Have your AFT Member ID ready when you call.