AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union

The AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union’s mission is to be the primary financial institution for union families by providing quality products and member service that is consistent with the values of the labor movement. 

Get ready to establish your lifetime membership now and access these programs and more!

Services include:

Loans for any need:

  • Mobile Banking & Remote Deposit Capture
  • Savings & Checking Accounts
  • Visa Check/Debit Card
  • Payroll Deduction
  • Bill Payer Service
  • ATM/Branch Locator
  • Document View for Statements
  • Auto
  • Auto Refinance
  • RV Motorcycle
  • Personal Signature
  • Second Mortgage
  • Student
  • Home Equity Line of Credit
  • First Mortgage Loans


To learn more and to join the Credit Union:

  1. Visit the AFL-CIO Employees Federal Credit Union webpage
  2. Click on Services and then Forms & Applications
  3. Scroll down to Membership, Accounts & Services and open the first item “Membership with Online Account Application”
  4. Create your Application document by entering the name of the Applicant(s) and click “Continue”
  5. Click “View & Sign All” to open your application.
  6. Click “Start” in the bottom right corner and adopt your “Signature” to autosign when the form is complete.
  7. Complete the necessary fields on the application
  8. Autosign and send the application back to the credit union.
  9. Take a legible photo of your non-expired, government issued picture ID and send to the credit union at or by Fax: 202-393-6279.
  10. An initial $5.00 deposit is required (Mail in a check or money order)
  11. If you can’t complete the application in one sitting, the Credit Union system will  send a link for the form to your email. Because this is a private, financial matter, remember to use your personal email, not an employer email.
  12. Questions: Call 301-683-2800, 301-683-2776 or 301-683-2782