Americans know that our strength has always been built on the simple notion that America is a place where many become one. The AFT, as the representative of those who teach and care for our next generation, is working to open the path to opportunity and the American dream for the next generation of immigrants and citizens. The time for commonsense, comprehensive and compassionate immigration reform is long overdue. —Randi Weingarten



Immigrants and the threat of deportation. Also in Spanish.
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Information for educators, students and families. Also available in Spanish.
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Prepare immigrant youth and families for an ICE raid. Also in Spanish and Korean.

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What you should know before a raid. Includes English and Spanish versions.
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Help protect undocumented students and their families. Includes English and Spanish versions.
Seven steps to help prepare your family. Includes English and Spanish versions.
People standing together

It's the Law

All students have a right to an education

Fact Sheet

The Educator Workforce and the Dream Act



Lesson plans to help teach students about immigration and create inclusive school communities.
What schools need to know about serving students who are immigrants or children of immigrants.
About 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year. Yet without the Dream Act, they are relegated to a life in the underground economy.
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Ideals such as freedom from discrimination or coercion, access to justice and information, and freedom of movement and association are not reserved for citizens alone. They are universal values for which our country stands, and they must apply to any worker on our soil.
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