Public pensions

In an effort to reclaim the promise of a secure retirement, AFT retirees and activists have aggressively challenged efforts by states such as Illinois, Michigan and Rhode Island to cut the pensions of current and retired public employees. The AFT has also helped to fulfill the vision of retirement security by engaging in a broad-based effort with state treasurers, large Wall Street firms and unions to expand retirement security through pooled professional asset management. The activism of retired members has made a significant impact on efforts to ensure that every worker is covered by retirement plans that provide consistent and adequate income to maintain a reasonable standard of living and benefits that cannot be outlived.


Focus on retirement security

Highlighted reports

These principles and recommendations can help guide pensions and policymakers to build a foundation for retirement security for all American workers in the 21st century.
An analysis of U.S. public pension investments in hedge funds by the AFT and Roosevelt Institute.
A Retirement Security Report on Money Managers for Pension Fund Trustees.