Remembering Eric Feaver

July 23, 2022

Dear Retiree Colleagues,

It is with great sadness that we have just learned that our former leader, Eric Feaver has unexpectedly died. He has been very special to us as a driving force to elevate the status of retirees in the AFT for many years. As the AFT Executive Council member charged with oversight of the Retiree Committee, his steady persistence encouraged Randi and the AFT Officers and Leadership to fully support enhancing our role and influence by advocating that the Retiree Committee be transformed into a Program and Policy Council.  This was no easy or automatic task.  It involved successfully promoting support from Randi and the leadership and then guiding its creation through various departments that led to the presentation of Constitutional Amendments at the last Convention. And as the task was accomplished, he encouraged and fostered passing the baton to new leadership. As his beneficiary and working partner for many years, I am especially grateful to him.

Eric then took another step of promoting his long held principles and values by successfully entering political office in his home city and state. It was as he launched that new phase of his activism that he was taken from us.

I will always remember his love of Montana; his story telling and drole wit. While we are all beneficiaries of his union leadership, we as retirees have prospered most due to his advocacy. May I extend on behalf of our PPC and whole retiree group our deep condolences and appreciation to his family and union colleagues for our fallen leader.

In solidarity,

Tom Murphy
Retirees PPC Chair