Criminal justice and public safety

Despite the name of our national union, the AFT is a union of professionals from diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of professions, including members who work in the criminal justice and public safety fields. AFT represents members ranging from parole and probation officers, corrections officers and staff in first responder capacities. We also have members who keep our health facilities and school districts safe.

Research suggests that public safety work is among the most stressful occupations in the world. AFT members in this field work together to discuss issues of mutual concern and to offer solutions to common problems in our criminal justice system. Workers in the criminal justice profession understand the system and can be strong advocates to support their colleagues in addressing the challenges they face. We come together to talk about these challenges to strengthen our union and to ensure fair and equal treatment for all in the criminal justice system.

We recognize that a strong and vibrant democracy cannot function unless all people, regardless of the color of their skin or the work they do, can participate meaningfully in our society, with full rights and equal protections. Workers in public safety and criminal justice must work together to offer solutions to very difficult challenges facing our society. The AFT is committed to fostering an environment where all members’ voices are heard, and where workers put forward ideas that support our communities.

The criminal justice and public safety professionals in the AFT work together and support the AFT’s agenda to ensure justice for all, including civil and human rights, and to promote policies and legislation that encompass these principles and strengthen our democracy.