Available to ALL AFT members, active and retired

LifeStation is a medical alert system that offers its users and their families the peace of mind of knowing emergency help can be quickly called.  The AFT, working with Global Affinity Services, has secured a rate of $18.95 for the basic service, and $27.95 for the mobile service with GPS tracking. This is a $3.00 per month savings over the publicly available rate for the basic service and $4.00 per month on the mobile service. LifeStation services are highly rated; it’s a New Jersey-based company offering 24/7/365 protection to users and a U.S.-based call center.

The program is a members-only benefit and members will need to register on our site to receive access to the AFT discounted pricing. 


Monthly Service Fee

In-Home Landline


In-Home Cellular


Mobile with Location Services


Fall Detection Pendant


To access the program, login at the members only page and find the link to the AFT-dedicated LifeStation page.