Positive outcomes

Community schools provide a multitude of benefits to their students, faculty and neighborhoods, including:

  • Reducing health-related obstacles that cost students instructional time. Students miss fewer days of school for treatable illnesses and are less distracted by medical issues.
  • Decreasing student mobility rates. When schools serve as hubs of the community, families can establish roots rather than moving around to receive necessary services.
  • Helping parents support the work of classroom teachers. When parents and families are utilizing the services at the community school alongside their children, they are more likely to gain skills, such as English language assistance, to help their kids with homework and reinforce the lessons taught at school.
  • Promoting community involvement and programming. When communities are involved in their schools, everyone benefits. Programs promoting adult education, family counseling and investment by local businesses can strengthen the ties of the entire neighborhood and improve the quality of life for teachers, students and families. A community school strategy gives all sides the ability to bolster and support one another, and creates a positive cycle of growth and renewal.

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