Examples from the Field

Hamburg Teachers Association and Hamburg Central School District, New York

The Hamburg mentor program provides support, guidance and evaluation of new teachers during their first year of teaching. Mentor teachers serve in a full-time capacity, working with up to 12 teachers during, before and after the school day. The mentor teacher's role includes supporting the first-year teacher in meeting learning standards, providing staff development, and conducting observations and evaluations that determine the new teacher's second year status. For more information, contact HTA president Cliff Huen: cjhuen@aol.com.

Rochester Teachers Association and Rochester City School District, New York

Rochester's mentor/intern program is one part of a continuum of support and evaluation called the Rochester Career in Teaching Plan, which seeks to give teachers a prominent role in monitoring their profession. The overarching goal of the mentor/intern program is to improve the quality of instruction, with the practical implication of retaining interns who are likely to become competent teachers, and counseling out those who are unsuited for the profession. For more information, contact RTA president Adam Urbanski: urbanski@rochesterteachers.com.

United Educators of San Francisco and San Francisco Unified School District, California

The PAR program in San Francisco is embedded in the contract. It includes a voluntary-referral component and close, cooperative work between the union and the district. For more information, contact UESF president Dennis Kelly: dkelly@UESF.org.

Toledo Federation of Teachers and Toledo Public Schools, Ohio

The Toledo Plan is an effective teacher-performance tool based on peer coaching and evaluation. This program provides a formula for the professional development of beginning teachers, and an evaluation system that detects and screens out those who show little aptitude for the classroom. For more information, contact TFT past president Dal Lawrence: dallawrenc@aol.com.

Lompoc Unified School District and Lompoc Federation of Teachers, California