Science Websites

Sites on climate change, global warming:

Renewable Energy—Investigations related to renewable energy are available at the website of the Renewable Energy Laboratories. These are designed for grades 6-8.

Science Fair Projects—Free science fair project ideas, tools and resources.

Science Fair Projects—Over 400 projects described with directions and arranged by grade.

The Why Files—This site is for grades 5 and up. Billed as science behind the headlines, this site has a wide range of “ripped from the headlines” stories ranging from physical and biological science, to emotions, the changing world and UFOlogy. The stories can provide ideas for further investigation or help you scan today’s news for topics worth investigating, but you may find some posted stories more appropriate for staff than children.

NASA—This site for educators provides activities, photos and information about space. Both mathematics and science information are accessible.

Space Math @ NASA—This site offers activities combining mathematics and science.

Earth System Science Education Alliance—Several scenarios that could be used for roject learning.