Interdisciplinary Websites

Buck Institute for Education
Along with material about project learning itself, there is a link from which students can join structured online projects.

The Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education
Site for interdisciplinary online projects. Used by teachers worldwide.

Integrated Curriculum Collaborative
Amphitheater Public Schools presents integrated curriculum collaborative project learning activities.

PBL: Exemplary Projects
Lists projects and formats for developing interdisciplinary projects. Aligns with standards, assessment and research. Science oriented but also hosts other topics for investigation.

The Project Approach
This site contains information about the Engaging Children’s Minds Institute and links to projects for grades 1-3, such as:

  • Faces to the Window: “The Construction Project”
  • Looking at the Trees around Us
  • Project on Pets
  • The Food and Restaurant Project
  • The Llama Project

The Project Approach, Catalog 2
This site contains both tips about project learning and examples of projects from around the world.

Project-Based Learning
Contains general information about Project Learning and a few projects for older students, including one on architecture.