Professional Growth for Early Childhood Educators

Collaboration with Families, Schools and the Community

In the Classroom

  • Right from the Start: Transition strategies for developing a strong preK-3 continuum
    This study, funded through the Pew Charitable Trusts, highlights many field-tested measures to building an effective, collaborative environment between the pre-K and elementary communities. The strategies are based on a presentation made at AFT's 2011 TEACH Conference by P-3 expert Kristi Kauerz and her work at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Washington.

Education and Training

  • EC E-learning: A National Review of Early Childhood Education Distance Learning Program
    Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning, is the process of delivering instruction using electronic communication, such as video, audio, computer, multimedia communications, or some combination of these. This report attempts to explore distance learning in the early childhood field and provides a snapshot of the current distance learning landscape.

Licensing Requirements

English Language Learners

Special Needs Children