School Climate Resources

Activities for Promoting Pro-‘Upstander’ Behavior
This is a collection of activities designed specifically to empower and engage “upstanders” in combating bullying behavior. Audiences are also provided an opportunity to join the National School Climate Center’s BullyBust Partner School Program to receive periodic updates and resources.

‘Breaking the Bully-Victim-Bystander Cycle Tool Kit’*
This toolkit, from the National School Climate Center, is designed to support school leadership teams and school community members as they plan and implement a process to prevent bully-victim behavior. There is a fee for this kit. *Listing does not construe an endorsement.

BullyBust Partner School Program
The BullyBust Partner School Program supports schools and districts in launching communitywide prevention efforts. Sign up for the program to receive activities and resources designed to help you reduce bullying and promote “upstander” behavior in your school community.

BullyBust: What You Can Do
This Web page provides useful tips for educators and school staff on how to help students before, during and after a bullying incident. More in-depth tips can be found in “Educator Bully Prevention Guidelines.”

‘Educator Bully Prevention Guidelines’
The National School Climate Center has developed guidelines for educators designed to create and sustain a positive school climate. This brief provides a comprehensive glossary of key terms, delineation of roles, and preventive measures school staff can employ to reduce bullying behavior while promoting a healthy school climate.

School Climate Assessment
What do your staff think about the overall climate of your school? What is the personal comfort level of students and staff in the building? Is your community attitude positive or negative? This School Climate Assessment has been designed for both informal and formal school safety assessments for K–5 educators and administrators. This tool allows educators and administrators to evaluate the overall school climate in a number of domains.

‘Social and Emotional Learning and Bullying Prevention’
How does a school develop a schoolwide social and emotional learning framework? What are its components? What is the relationship between social and emotional factors and bullying? This brief examines the intersection between social and emotional learning and bullying, to help educators and school administrators foster healthy, positive school environments.

Stand Up to Bullying Campaign
This fall, BullyBust partnered with the Broadway musical “Wicked” to create Stand Up to Bullying, a national bullying prevention campaign. Download the “Student Supplement” and the “Educator Guide” with lessons designed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of bullying on victims, bystanders and the bullies themselves.

Student Survey: What’s Going on at Our School?
Fostering positive peer-to-peer interactions is key to reducing bullying behavior while improving school climate. This easy-to-use survey is designed to help educators and administrators learn about the areas of challenge or concern from a student perspective.

Why Champion Social and Emotional Learning?
What is social and emotional learning, and why is it important? This site provides interviews and video clips with real life examples of how kids solve conflicts and address bullying behavior.