AFT Conferences and Workshops for Supporting CCSS Implementation

In July 2012, labor-management teams from 22 districts nationwide convened at a CCSS stakeholders conference. Attendees were able to hear from practitioners on topics such as ways to engage the community, CCSS and English language learners, ELA and mathematics implementation strategies, assessment updates and additional ways to create work plans for district implementation.

In November 2012, labor and management teams gathered again for a “connecting the dots” conference. Attendees learned about aligning teacher development and evaluation and CCSS, using feedback within CCSS instruction, CCSS implications for instructional practice and tools for aligning lessons, units and curriculum to the CCSS. In January 2013, some 135 participants from both labor and management convened for a Center for School Improvement Leadership Conference focusing on team building and strategies for school improvement. “Table talk” sessions provided opportunities for attendees to discuss the CCSS, teacher development and evaluation, community schools, Share My Lesson, and the AFT’s professional development offerings.

The AFT Educational Issues Department provides courses that also support quality implementation of the Common Core standards. For example, English language arts and mathematics courses are aligned to the CCSS and will be offered in summer 2013. The “Modules on Writing in the Common Core” course is under development. Additionally, the AFT continues to provide on-site technical assistance to locals as requested.

For more information about available training opportunities, download our AFT Professional Development Program for Educators Catalog