Public Employee Advocate, Fall 2014 In this issue:

  • In the news

    GOOGLE JOINS EXODUS FROM ALEC  Just weeks after Microsoft Corporation dropped its support for the controversial American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the AFT joined dozens of organizations across the country to urge Google to follow suit. Google cut ties to ALEC in...

  • Where We Stand

    Advancing the common good Randi Weingarten, AFT President

    LISA OCHS, president of AFT-Kansas and the Kansas Organization of State Employees, gave us our marching orders at the AFT 2014 convention in Los Angeles with these words: “All public services have a vital role to play in combating the harms caused by both the recession and inequality, with...

  • Fight Back, Fight forward

    Politically driven attacks on public employees may have set the tone for the 2014 AFT national convention, but they have not set the agenda. Mike Rose

    AFT delegates addressed the major issues, from reckless cuts in government services to schemes in the statehouses and the courts to gut public employees’ basic rights. They did so in ways that made clear the union would not only mount a strong defense but play offense as well—fighting back and “...

  • Convention celebrates victories, accepts challenges

    Speakers inspire commitment; resolutions reflect determination to fight back, fight forward

    The 2014 AFT Convention in Los Angeles July 11-14 did much to energize the union’s “fight forward”—to preserve public workers’ rights—and our “fight back”—against those who would demonize public employees.

    Members reviewed successes in places like Connecticut, where an AFT local negotiated...

  • Outsourcing public jobs results in a race to the bottom

    A new report from In the Public Interest looks at what happens to communities, and to the quality of life of the workers who provide important public services, when those services are outsourced to for-profit and other private entities.

    The answer, drawn from a growing body of evidence and...

  • Big Bang theorists

    AFT members predict nature's fiery phenomenon, and protect nearby communities.

    Did you know that AFT represents volcanologists?


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