University of Oregon Academic Credits for ER&D Courses

Registration Information

Only participants of the ER&D national training institutes are eligible for University of Oregon credits.

Personnel for ER&D Credits

Bonnie Grossen, University of Oregon
Course Instructor/Instructor of Records

Rosalind LaRocque, AFT staff
On-site registration and course credit inquiries/Instructor of Records

Note: For registration questions, please call the UO Academic Extension Office at 800-824-2714 or e-mail Direct all other queries to Rosalind LaRocque (202/393-4272).

Course Credits

The University of Oregon issues quarter hour credits. Together, the Summer and Winter Institutes provide a total of five quarter credits from Oregon. These credits only become semester credits if a student transfers those credits to another university or district with a semester system. Students should check with their institution to see if these credits can be transferred. Quarter credits from the University of Oregon that are transferred to an institution that uses semester credits are converted as follows:

Summer Institute course, 3 quarter credits=2 semester credits

Winter Institute course, 2 quarter credits=1 semester credit

Those who need 3 semester credits, either for transfer as a full 3-credit-hour semester course to a local university or for a step on a pay scale, should take both a Summer and Winter Institute sequence. Graduate level (course #508) and undergraduate level (course #408) credits are available.

Note: Students receiving graduate level credit must have an undergraduate degree.

Cost for credits

Summer Institute 2011: $195 ($65 x 3).

Winter Institute 2011: $132 ($66 x 2).

Grade Options: Pass/Not Pass

Receiving and Obtaining Grades

All students receive a letter in the mail from the UO that includes their UO ID and PAC number. This will allow students to access the DUCKWEB (, where a free unofficial transcript may be printed at any time. Keep your UO ID and PAC number. (You will only be sent a PAC number once!) These policies are designed to keep costs down. If you lose or forget your UO ID or PAC number, please contact the UO Registrar's Office at 541-346-2935.


Students needing official transcripts of current term grades that have been posted may, for a fee, place an order at the following website:

For more information regarding transcripts and grades, check the University of Oregon Academic Extension website:

Transfer Process

In most cases, to transfer your credits you will need two things:

  1. An official copy of your transcript obtained from the university registrar (refer to transcripts).
  2. A course syllabus (obtained from your ER&D course instructor) describing the content of each ER&D course you take for credit.

Course Requirements

Class discussions and activities are extremely important; attendance and active participation in all classes will be included in the grade. Students will also complete six Reflection on Research Concept forms. Students also will make a 20-minute presentation at the Winter Institute on some aspect of the research and its application in the classroom. Those who apply for Oregon credits will have to submit a 10-page paper on the application of the content.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is the responsibility of participants and trainers. That responsibility implies the students will attend all classes and complete all tasks as indicated in the Participant's Responsibilities Form.

Course Hours

Participants meeting course completion requirements for the Summer Institute will have earned approximately 70 hours. This translates into 54 in-class hours, 10 hrs (two hours per night) during the instructional week on assignments and three hours on a pre-readings assignment. Between Summer and Winter Institute, six Reflections on Research Application Concept forms must be completed for a total of 12 hours (each application, observation and reporting on the form should be completed in two hours). At the Winter Institute, participants earn a total of 24 in-class hours and an additional two hours in preparation for their practice presentation. At the completion of an ER&D course, participants will have earned a total of 107 credit hours.

Those applying for credit must apply a strategy in their work setting and conduct a month-long study (21 hours) of the effects of the strategy. They report their observations in a defined task outline.

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