Create or Update a School Improvement Plan

Once all parties involved have completed a thorough analysis of all data associated with a school, they should use this information to develop a comprehensive school improvement plan. School improvement team members should begin the plan by identifying goals for the school to achieve. Goals should be specific, measurable, and based on data that the team has analyzed. Teams must also develop performance indicators to measure whether the school is making progress toward achieving their goals.

The plan should also include action steps that will be taken to achieve each goal. Action steps should be specific, clearly articulated, and identify resources necessary to achieve goals including plans for professional development, changes in policies, and sources for additional funds if necessary. Some schools may decide to choose a research-based intervention model to address the school's needs.

Examples of places using a planning process


Seeing Progress: A Guide To Visiting Schools Using Promising Programs
This guide includes a planning checklist located on pages 5 and 6, questions to ask during visits to other schools, and things to look for when observing classrooms. AFT.

The Importance of Staff "Buy-In" in the Selection of Proven Programs
Analysts and educators have noted that one of the most important ways to achieve the benefits of a well-designed program is to make sure that those who will use it—teachers and other school staff—are fully committed to the program before its implementation. Many districts have learned that even the most effective programs can fail to raise student achievement if poorly implemented. This article provides useful research on the importance of staff buy-in regarding the implementation of school improvement efforts. AFT.

Selecting a School Improvement Program
Should a school staff choose to adopt an external school improvement program or model, this guide may be useful. It reviews elements that encourage successful implementation of school improvement models and programs. AFT.

Questions To Consider When Selecting an Improvement Program
This is a brief list of questions that school improvement team members should ask before adopting a research-based reform model. AFT.