AFT TEACH Daily: July 22, 2023

Photo of Amanda Ripley speaking at AFT TEACH 2023

Managing conflict to build common ground

We live in an era that’s not our best time and not even normal, according to Amanda Ripley in the July 22 AFT TEACH keynote “Confronting Conflict: Building Common Ground in Our Schools and Communities.” These times can feel very broken, Ripley said. The investigative journalist and bestselling author examined the inner workings of ugly, unproductive “high conflict” often seen on social media, in politics and in everyday life.

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Photo of WTU member Raphael Bonhomme speaking at AFT TEACH 2023

Bringing civics to life with experiential learning

A healthy democracy depends on active civic participation—but participation depends on believing your voice matters. During “Every Day Is a Civics Lesson These Days,” a Lunch & Learn session at the TEACH conference, presenters demonstrated how to incorporate experiential learning and action civics into a well-rounded curriculum and show students that they can make a difference.

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Photo of participants at AFT TEACH 2023

How to protect your students from ‘fake news’

It can be scary to see bad information spread so easily among young people, but there are ways to equip your students with media-savvy skills. At “Recognizing and Dismantling Disinformation with Secondary Students,” a workshop at the AFT TEACH conference, attendees got a tangible road map to ensure everyone is better insulated from “fake news.”

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Photo of participants at AFT TEACH 2023

Building family partnerships with empathy and respect

Although it may be a worn-out phrase, it truly takes a village to raise a child. That is especially evident in schools, where so many stakeholders touch the lives of students. At the workshop “Where Is the Love? Building Family-Educator-Student Partnerships to Get What Kids and Communities Need,” AFT staff joined leaders from the National PTA and its Austin, Texas, affiliate to focus on strengthening one of the most important connections for students: the partnerships between families and educators.

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Photo of Dena Donaldson presenting at AFT TEACH 2023

Organizing for community schools

Community schools are comprehensive, democratic institutions. Built on partnerships, they connect teaching and learning to community development and problem-solving. These neighborhood centers serve the educational, social service, health and recreational needs that are crucial for student success, contributing to both improved student learning and increased community well-being.

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Photo of speakers at AFT TEACH 2023

Speaking out on gun violence

It was a shooting at a high school in Oxford Township, Mich., in 2021, that compelled three educators to co-found Teachers Unify to End Gun Violence. The founders wanted to create an organization to elevate stories of gun violence in schools and communities in order to change policies as well as offer resources and support to educators who face the possibility of gun violence daily. Panelists shared how gun violence led them to find ways to empower educators to raise their voices for change during this TEACH workshop.

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