AFT TEACH Daily: July 20, 2023

Photo of BTU Members with Senator Elizabeth Warren on AFT Lobby Day 2023

‘TEACHing on the Hill’ amplifies educator voices in Washington

More than 100 AFT members fanned out across Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., July 20, visiting dozens of U.S. senators, representatives and congressional staffers to show elected officials just what life is like in our public schools—and urge them toward policies that will truly support their communities. Among their top issues: school funding, educator pay, over-testing and school safety.

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Photo of presenters (from left) Kareem Weaver, Sarah Elwell and Bethzaida “Betsy” Sotomayor engage participants in the pre-TEACH literacy mini-institute

Pre-TEACH Literacy

How can we support all students in becoming joyful and confident readers when they enter the classroom with many diverse language experiences? Educators have differing perspectives and experiences when it comes to teaching reading, but they share the need for strategies, resources and support to be successful in reading instruction. Attendees at the pre-TEACH literacy mini-institute session “Teaching Reading Today: Knowledge, Tools and Strategies to Navigate Fast-Moving Waters” received just that.

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AFT TEACH banner: Opening Session. July 21, 2 PM. Watch the Live Stream!

AFT TEACH banner: Likes vs. Learning. The real cost of Social Media for Schools


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