COVID-19: Information for AFT Nurses and Health Professionals

Health & safety for healthcare workers

AFT healthcare members have been on the frontlines fighting COVID-19 since the pandemic began and continue to provide care to infected patients. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not over. Healthcare workers still need workplace protections in the face of new variants and surging cases.

To stay safe, healthcare professionals need multiple layered mitigations against COVID-19, including fit-tested respirators, good ventilation and good infection control protocols, as well as access to the COVID-19 vaccine. They may also need mental health resources and social support in response to the pandemic.

AFT Nurses and Health Professionals continues to advocate for strong OSHA protections and best practices in collective bargaining to protect and support our members. See the resources below for updated information on Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements, testing and other needs.

The AFT will continue to press the federal government for the resources needed to protect patients and healthcare workers from COVID-19.

Vaccine health & safety

 All of the listed materials are available in the linked Google folder. The documents and corresponding list of materials will be updated frequently, so please check back often.

Vaccine-related information for healthcare workers 

  1. Testing factsheet updated
  2. Sample declination form
  3. Key Elements of a Model COVID vaccination program
  4. Fake Mask Guide
  5. AFT NHP Hospital Preparedness Plan

Other resources

Mental health

For environmental services members

Respiratory Protection Information