AFT Convention Daily: Thursday, July 14, 2022

We’re here to create a better life for all

In her State of the Union speech, which inspired a standing ovation, AFT President Randi Weingarten explained that the AFT’s members are here for a reason: “To heal. To help. To teach. To vote and get out the vote. To fight for justice and dignity, for our children and our country, for our democracy and our freedoms.” Despite myriad crises, from the pandemic to gun violence to attacks on our democracy, Weingarten highlighted how we fight for the greater good. We advocate for putting patients over profits and find solutions to the healthcare staffing shortage. We work with families to create safe, welcoming schools and establish conditions to retain qualified, diverse staff. We teach honest history, support community schools, erase student debt and advocate for career and technical education. We stand with all working people to get out the vote, defend our freedoms—including the right to a union—and win a better life for all.

Powerful partnerships

Divisional summary

Divisional meetings tackle workers’ challenges

On June 14, meetings for each of the AFT’s divisions brought workers together to craft solutions to their most pressing problems—including funding, staffing shortages, resources and respect. The public employees focused on coming together to fight for worker rights and for their communities—and they showcased the Fund Our Future campaign for the state of New York. At the teachers’ divisional meeting, the discussion was all about creating more equitable schools by establishing more community schools, expanding career and technical education, and offering concrete solutions to the staffing shortages. And at the PSRPs’ meeting, core themes were building respect for their essential work, telling their stories to win the compensation they deserve and getting out the vote for candidates who support public education. For healthcare workers, the past two years have been especially intense and stressful, yet they were proud to be the backbone for our nation’s healthcare system. They discussed key initiatives, including addressing the staffing crisis and moral injury. With the historic affiliation between the AFT and the American Association of University Professors, the higher education meeting spotlighted the AFT-AAUP “New Deal for Higher Education,” which will result in greater equity, stronger democracy and a better life for all.


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This daily update is produced by the AFT communications department. Photos by Pamela Wolfe and Michael Campbell.