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Webinars on Supportive School Discipline


American Educator Winter 2015-2016

When discipline problems arise, where can educators turn? The AFT's own Share My Lesson ( In addition to providing free lesson plans, classroom activities, and articles on current events, Share My Lesson offers free, on-demand webinars that educators can watch from the comfort of home. Many of these webinars focus on common issues related to school climate and classroom management, like the ones below.

Social-Emotional Learning and Positive Classroom Culture

Creating a positive classroom culture in elementary school can go a long way in preventing student discipline issues later. Many prekindergarten and kindergarten students have never been in a formal classroom setting, and it is important that they learn the value of kindness. In Creating a Kind Classroom Culture, an hourlong webinar created by the Share My Lesson team and the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, teachers can learn how to foster acts of kindness among students. Other webinars to help cultivate a positive classroom culture include:

Supporting Students' Positive Behaviors

Middle and high school students need positive reinforcements for behavior too. A great way educators can keep discipline problems at bay is by getting to know students. The webinar Connect with Your Students Right from the Start, by author Julia G. Thompson, helps educators make connections that encourage students to respect teachers and their peers. Other webinars that focus on supporting positive behavior include:

Learning effective techniques to foster a positive school climate and a positive classroom culture can take time and effort. But Share My Lesson's webinars provide easy-to-follow tips and strategies for every educator. The best part? Educators receive one professional development credit for each webinar they complete.


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American Educator, Winter 2015-2016