American Educator, Spring 2023

Volume 47, no. 1

How LETRS Supports Teachers—and Their Students
Louisa C. Moats
Vado Elementary School Shines with LETRS Professional Development
Cheryl Cole, Christy Quesada, Lee Anna Vasquez, Keren Buenfil, Patricia Ramos
Honoring the Special Role of Math in Cognitive Development
Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama
Heather M. Reynolds, Ron Avi Astor
A New Way to Distribute Federal Aid and Spur Adequate Funding for All
Bruce D. Baker, Matthew Di Carlo, Mark Weber
The AFT and AAUP Join Forces to protect Academic Freedom and Inclusive Instruction
From the Journal of Academic Freedom Editors' Introduction*
Michael C. Dreiling, Pedro García-Caro
Teacher Autonomy and Parent Rights in the Incorporation of LGBTQ+ Studies in K–12 Education*
Ricardo Phipps