American Educator, Spring 2021

Volume 45, no. 1

Caring for Grieving Students and Families
A Brief Guide for Teachers and Schools
Ronald E. Hallett, Linda Skrla
How High School Teachers Can Support Students with Reading Difficulties
Jeanne Wanzek
Evidence-Based Instructional Strategies for Success During—and Beyond—Developmental Courses
Elizabeth L. Tighe, Meagan C. Arrastía-Chisholm, Njeri M. Pringle
Teaching Native American Community College Students Math—and to Believe in Themselves
Eva L. Rivera Lebrón
How Knowledge Increases Awareness of Systemic Racism
Phia S. Salter
The Intentional Segregation of America’s Cities
Richard Rothstein
Using All American Boys to Confront Racism and Police Brutality
Ashley S. Boyd, Janine J. Darragh
How Teachers and Communities Are Winning the Fight to Revitalize Public Education
Leo Casey