AFT Innovation Fund: Application checklist

The following is a checklist of information that will need to be provided in the online application:

1.  Contact Information

  • Affiliate’s name, local union number, address and phone number
  • Affiliate president and president’s email address
  • Application point of contact (name, email, phone)
  • Number of union members

2.  Project Narrative

  • Please provide a 2-3 page (up to 1,500 word) overview that addresses the following:
    • The effect of COVID-19  on your community
    • Needs addressed by project
    • Objectives and desired outcomes
    • Capacity to implement project
    • Ways your work can be disseminated and shared

3.  Budget Amount Requested (between $20,000 and $50,000)

4.  Budget Narrative

  • Provide a brief explanation of each budget item and projected cost.

5.  District Demographic Information (%)

  • Please provide a snapshot of your district demographics, including:
    • Total number of schools in the district
    • Student population statistics
    • Percent of Title 1
    • Special Programs (FARMS, ESOL, Special education, etc.)

6.  President’s endorsement

  • The local president’s approval will need to be uploaded to the online form. This can be a short memo signed by the president.