Workplace Violence Prevention Act

Incidents of violence against healthcare workers from patients, clients or visitors have become all too common. Healthcare and social services workers experience 68 percent of reported workplace violence injuries, and they are nearly five times more likely to be assaulted at work than the rest of the labor force.

Workplace violence in healthcare and social services was rampant before COVID-19, and pandemic realities have only compounded the problem.

Whether you are a nurse, healthcare worker, parent, an educator, a community member or a public employee, this is everyone's fight. What we’ve seen around the country is that when we stand together, we can achieve what we couldn’t on our own.  Right now, let’s stand up for healthcare workers to make sure they’re safe on the job.

It’s time for Congress to require OSHA to set a standard. Ask your members of Congress to support the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act, H.R. 1195. 

Use this toolkit to take action!