Teacher Appreciation Week

To America’s educators:

You put your heart and soul into educating our nation’s students every day.

Together with parents and caregivers, you have helped carry our kids through the pandemic, helping get our school buildings reopen safely, and helping our kids and families bounce back academically, socially, and emotionally; from solving math problems to building lasting relationships, you help our next generation become critical thinkers, engaged citizens, and responsible human beings.

Despite political interference, disrespect for your professionalism, and a seemingly endless struggle for resources, you rise to the occasion to help prepare every child for whatever comes next, and you do it with incredible humanity and grace.

Your work changes lives for the better. Thank you for helping every child in America lay the groundwork to build a better life, which starts right in their very own school.

The work you do matters to our students, our communities and our democracy. Let’s take a moment to say 'thank you' to teachers.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.


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Teacher Appreciation Week with ‘Abbott Elementary’ Actor Sheryl Lee Ralph

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