AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, public school department administrators have historically represented management's point of view with teachers; and

WHEREAS, public school department administrators are management personnel who develop, carry out and represent the management objectives, goals, regulations, policies and directives of their respective school boards affecting teachers and their working conditions; and

WHEREAS, it is universally recognized that there are basic and fundamental conflicts between management and labor personnel; and

WHEREAS, there are AFL-CIO organized teacher unions in the United States which are experiencing conflicts with their respective organized AFL-CIO school administrators regarding all aspects of teacher negotiations; and administrator negotiations, and strikebreaking; and

WHEREAS, the policy of the American Federation of School Administrators, AFL-CIO, provides that its members will report to their jobs if so ordered by the Superintendent and the School Committee in the event that a "no contract" situation arises and teachers' services are withheld; and

WHEREAS, organized administrators' unions are using their affiliation with the AFL-CIO t

  • Subvert collective bargaining achievements of organized teachers, and
  • Subvert the relationships of AFL-CIO teachers with the rest of the labor movement, and
  • Cast teachers in an anti-union role:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers take any and all steps necessary to have the National AFL-CIO vacate the Charter of the American Federation of School Administrators. (Executive Council)