AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, over 50 percent of public school students are eligible for either free or reduced-price lunches; and

WHEREAS, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the governing authority for school lunches, does not provide rules or laws for mandatory seated lunch time for students; and

WHEREAS, research has proven that children who have 20 minutes or less of seated time to eat lunch leave behind 13 percent of their entrees, 10 percent of their milk and 12 percent of their vegetables. Additionally, students with less time to eat their lunch, are 57 percent less likely to choose a fruit for consumption, based on the shortened time frame; and

WHEREAS, failure to allow students enough time to consume their lunches robs many children of the only opportunity they may have for a daily nutritious meal; and

WHEREAS, research has shown that school lunches offer more fruits and vegetables when compared with lunches brought from home. This makes it that much more important to allow children enough time to eat their school lunch. Furthermore, children who do not eat enough of their lunch are more likely to eat junk food later in the day; and

WHEREAS, proper nutrition is an important factor in a student’s performance; behaviorally and academically, and leads to an overall healthy and happy student:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers will seek legislative action, ensuring each student in our public schools receives a minimum of 25 minutes of seated lunch time each school day.


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