AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, the United Staff Association of NYU has been the bargaining agent for the 1,550 clerical and technical workers at NYU since 1978; and

WHEREAS, for the last 10 years, the local has had the right to schedule meetings during non-work time in non-work areas at NYU with bargaining unit members; and

WHEREAS, the union's full-time organizer and/or representatives from NYSUT/AFT were allowed to attend these meetings; and

WHEREAS, this right was very important since NYU has repeatedly refused to agree to a union shop, agency fee, or any type of union security; and

WHEREAS, in June 1989, NYU unilaterally withdrew this right and had the union's full-time organizer arrested for trespassing when he attempted to enter NYU's Stern School of Business for a scheduled meeting; and

WHEREAS, NYU has refused to reinstate the practice and will allow an organizer to conduct meetings only if the meeting is for grievance handling and only if the names of bargaining unit members who are going to attend the meeting are given to NYU prior to the meeting; and

WHEREAS, NYU has refused to allow organizers to participate in Step 1 and Step 2 grievance meetings, denying members the right to representation:

RESOLVED, that this AFT convention condemn such activities by NYU; and

RESOLVED, that the AFT urge John Brademas, president of NYU, to restore meeting rights and allow organizers to participate in grievance meetings.