AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, the American Federation of Teachers has long supported increasing opportunities for students to participate in high-quality programs that integrate academics with career and technical education (CTE); and

WHEREAS, high-quality CTE programs have a proven record of preparing students for college and careers; and

WHEREAS, the creation of a new pathway to graduation for CTE students must not create any misperception that the CTE pathway is anything less than a rigorous path to a diploma; and

WHEREAS, any new pathways must be implemented with fidelity to high standards for quality and equitable student access; and

WHEREAS, the creation of new CTE pathways increases demand for CTE teachers; and

WHEREAS, expansion of the CTE teaching force leads to increased demand for mentoring, externships and professional development for CTE teachers; and

WHEREAS, an integral part of CTE programs involves partnerships with business and industry to allow CTE students to have authentic work opportunities, student-business internships and school-to-work programs to create a rich, work-based learning experience with real-world applications; and

WHEREAS, adequate funding is essential to ensure that high-quality CTE programs are available to all students who want to attempt a CTE pathway; and

WHEREAS, CTE practitioners must have a voice in the development of any new CTE pathway to ensure quality development and implementation; and

WHEREAS, New York state showed the progress that can be made when in 2001 it gave students greater opportunities to participate in CTE programs that integrated academic learning with career preparation:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers will advocate for the creation of new CTE pathways that are not focused primarily on assessment requirements, but which take a larger and more systemic view toward creating pathways that truly prepare students for college and career.


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