AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, one year ago, the American Federation of Teachers executive council adopted a resolution establishing the AFT’s 2020 presidential endorsement process, and, since that time, the AFT has conducted the most intensive, inclusive, transparent and engaging presidential endorsement process in its history; and

WHEREAS, unprecedented engagement has led to more than 300,000 members having participated in the endorsement process to date, including in the public education forum the AFT co-sponsored with union and community groups; 10 separate candidate town halls involving every constituency; five regional meetings with state and local leaders; and numerous telephone town halls, member surveys and polls; as well as state and local affiliates conducting their own programs of member engagement; and

WHEREAS, the following membership consensus has emerged:

1.    Donald Trump is an existential threat to the values and aspirations of our members and those we serve; 

2.    While several candidates share our values, three—Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren—share our values and have significant support within our membership; and

3.    In our quest for a better life for our members and the communities we serve, to preserve our democracy, and to defeat Trump, we must ultimately be unified and support the eventual Democratic nominee; and

WHEREAS, Vice President Biden, Sen. Sanders and Sen. Warren have a record of working with us over the years and standing with us on public education, higher education, healthcare, and labor and civil rights, and, as a result, they have received the highest levels of support of our members, including endorsements from AFT affiliates at the state and local levels, as well as AFT members running as delegates in support of their candidacies; and

WHEREAS, the majority of delegates will be allocated in the next two months, and it is critical that members, affiliates and leaders at the national, state and local levels continue to grow our engagement and ensure our collective voices are heard and influence the political dialogue; and

WHEREAS, Trump and his appointees, including Betsy DeVos, threaten our democracy, climate, public education, healthcare, public services, freedoms and way of life; and

WHEREAS, the stakes in this election require our solidarity; nobody can be on the sidelines, and the energy of educators, nurses and public service professionals must be supported, nurtured and activated in this election; and

WHEREAS, we are unified both to defeat Trump in the 2020 elections and to elect someone who will join us in fighting for these values:

RESOLVED, until the American Federation of Teachers decides to make a national endorsement in the primary process or at the AFT convention, the AFT urges the affiliates, members and leadership, including the three AFT national officers, to be actively involved in supporting and helping Vice President Biden, Sen. Sanders, and/or Sen. Warren.

AFT Resolution

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