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AFT’s Weingarten and Education Minnesota’s Specht on Election of Tim Walz as Governor of Minnesota

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018


Oriana Korin

WASHINGTON—American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and Education Minnesota President Denise Specht on Tim Walz’s election as governor of Minnesota:

AFT’s Weingarten said:

“Tim Walz walks the walk for kids, for teachers and for working families because he’s one of us. He understands the importance of investing in safe and welcoming public schools for all children, ensuring educators have a voice and are paid a living wage, and making college affordable.

“Tim Walz will defend and extend Gov. Mark Dayton’s legacy of standing up for public education and building a state where every child has the opportunity to succeed. Minnesota’s educators will have a champion who understands that, with respect and resources, teachers can help their students reach great heights.”

Education Minnesota’s Specht said:

“Congratulations to Tim Walz, the next governor of Minnesota and a longtime member of Education Minnesota. Tim was a teacher for 20 years and made educators all over Minnesota proud by running a campaign that brought people together under his vision for One Minnesota.

“The members of Education Minnesota endorsed his campaign and turned out in unprecedented numbers to phone bank, door knock and, most importantly, talk to their communities about the importance of electing an ‘Educator in Chief.’ We look forward to working with Tim to fully fund public education, lower the cost of high-quality healthcare and make Minnesota a great place for working families.”

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