Patients before profits

healthcare costs chart
Did you know that more than $700 billion of the nearly $3 trillion the U.S. spends on healthcare each year is spent on unnecessary and/or wasteful procedures as well as simple fraud? Or that the CEO of the large for-profit hospital system HCA received $46 million in compensation in 2013, even though data show that CEO compensation is not tied to higher quality, better outcomes or other factors that would benefit patients and communities? Meanwhile, it is nearly impossible to "comparison shop" for hospital procedures because most hospitals will not or cannot disclose an average price for their services.

Delegates to the 2014 AFT Convention in Los Angeles took action to address these and other challenges facing the U. S. healthcare system. The delegates approved a resolution calling on the AFT to join with patient advocates, community groups and other providers to create a national education and advocacy campaign that will focus on reshaping the U.S. healthcare system to serve the needs of our communities and to truly put patient care first.