National School Library Month

Photo of library stacks

April is National School Library Month! Our union champions literacy, and we believe that every school in every community deserves a library. Sadly, there has been a resurgence in efforts by right-wing extremists to ban books. These attempts to censor what teachers can teach and what libraries can provide hurt students.

This month provides an opportunity not only to celebrate school libraries and librarians, but also to emphasize the importance of children having access to books, especially books that open their world to history and people who are different from them. Below is a collection of resources about libraries, literacy, and the harm that book bans are causing. To learn more about our Reading Opens the World initiative to counter book bans by giving away free books, click here.

Books Banned Across the US

Map showing locations of banned books

Map generated on 3/31/23. Note that a state's total reflects the number of books banned by counties in that state and some books may be counted multiple times. For the full list and all details visit PEN AMERICA'S INDEX OF SCHOOL BOOK BANS


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