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Create Advertising

Create Advertising client giftsCreate, a Los Angeles-based advertising firm that develops campaigns for Hollywood’s biggest movies, TV shows, and video games, has put their holiday efforts toward helping the people of Puerto Rico. It started with the simple concept -- “No one should be without safe, reliable drinking water,” and then moved to identifying Project Agua as the on-the-ground organization with the infrastructure to bring fresh water filtration systems to the Puerto Rican communities where it is needed the most. In Los Angeles, Create’s clients were delivered a glass SOMA bottle, co-branded with Operation Agua, and a tag, “We promise… it’s more than a water bottle.” On the inside of the box was the explanation:

No one should be without safe, reliable drinking water. This year, we combined our holiday gift allocations, and partnered with Operation Agua to provide water filtration systems for Puerto Rico.

Explains company founder, David Stern, “Our hope is that by helping to provide safe drinking water to Puerto Rican families devastated by Hurricane Irma, we’ve allowed them to cross this critical human need off their holiday list.”

AFT Latino Caucus

AFT Latino Caucus raised more than $20,000 to support Operation Agua.

AFT Latino Caucus

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