Why we need ethnic studies

Our children are growing up in a global world. If we are truly going to prepare them to succeed in the 21st century, we must give them the tools to understand and value that global world. Learning about the cultures and histories that define all of us is an important component of our ultimate goal to reclaim the promise of public education for all.

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If there’s one thing our fractured society can agree on, it’s that every school should be safe and welcoming for students and staff. The recent incident in South Carolina comes at a time of reckoning for and reconsideration of discipline policies in American schools. Using research, experience and common sense, we can move toward ways to create safe and welcoming school environments.

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I am my union

When Chris Christie said that our union deserves “a punch in the face,” I was appalled but not surprised. When Scott Walker compared union members in Wisconsin to members of the terrorist organization ISIS, I was disappointed but not shocked.