COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

AFT members and other frontline workers have borne the brunt of COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. While we have the promise of vaccines and a new administration committed to providing a coordinated response, it will be months before the current surge ends. These vaccine-focused resources and materials are designed to build upon our union’s continued efforts to help protect our members’ physical and mental health. 

The documents, and corresponding list of materials on this page, will be updated frequently, so please check back often. All of the listed materials are available in the linked Google folder. 

Vaccine-related information for healthcare workers 

Documents for local customization

  1. Sample memorandum of understanding regarding infection control, vaccine distribution and reporting
  2. Sample declination of COVID-19 vaccination—Request for Exemption
  3. Demand to Bargain—COVID-19 vaccine distribution issues
  4. Checklist for the Hospital Preparedness Plan for COVID-19/all hazards
  5. Sample complaint letter to FDA

Other resources

  1. General Acute Care Hospital COVID-19 Mitigation Testing Plan
  2. COVID-19 Suggested Format for OSHA Healthcare Complaints (HPAE)
  3. Nurses and Health Professionals—the Next Six Months — Bulletin 1
  4. COVID-19 Testing Recommendations (AFT NHP)
  5. Understanding OSHA’s Role during COVID-19
  6. COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations
  7. Return to Work
  8. Complaints to the FDA
  9. Needlestick Safety for Vaccinators
  10. Key elements of a model workplace vaccination program NIEHS
  11. Vaccine Bulletin
  12. Vaccine Safety Q&A


Setting the record straight

Covid-19 myth busting

Misinformation and disinformation is fueling hesitation around the COVID-19 vaccine. Our resource can help set the record straight. Download here