AFT Resolution


WHEREAS, respect for the rights of academic, professional and nonprofessional staff to organize for collective bargaining is central to dignified and proper working conditions for all academic employees; and

WHEREAS, institutions of higher learning are now threatened by the growing sway of corporate values of educational life; business models intrude on curricular decisions, research priorities and employee relations; faculty and staff are too often denied elementary rights of free speech, economic security and equal opportunity; and no educational institution can fulfill its mission unless these rights are protected; and

WHEREAS, the existence of an Academic Fair Labor Practices Code of Conduct would be a powerful focus to organizing on campuses across the country by all unions involved in higher education at all levels:

RESOLVED, that the American Federation of Teachers will initiate the formulation of an Academic Fair Labor Practices Code of Conduct, to include in an initial draft such example components as:

1.          Administrative neutrality with respect to union organizing campaigns on campus. Neutrality clauses would be required in all contracts with vendors doing business on campus, should contractor employees seek union representation;

2.          Effective shared governance by academic employees, including contingent workers, in decisions affecting academic programs as well as college “branding”;

3.          Respect for academic freedom in the delivery of course material and in individual research;

4.          Adherence to nondiscrimination standards with regard to all protected classes;

5.          Compensation of contingent employees with working conditions appropriate to the work, and living and equitable wages and benefits;

6.          Equal consideration of contingent employees in filling vacant full-time or noncontingent openings; and

7.          The right to a workplace free from discrimination and harassment, one which honors standards of affirmative action, and which affords to all international students, postdoctoral fellows and all other workers the right to workplaces free of intimidation, coercion and misinformation regarding immigration, visa status and citizenship procedures; and

RESOLVED, that the AFT will promote such a certification system and work with other organizations and unions representing employees at all levels of higher education toward this end.


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