Workshops underscore importance of education at Congressional Black Caucus event

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“Now Is Our Time.”

The theme of this year’s Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference couldn’t be more apt as the country works through a mighty reckoning around racial injustice. As this year’s conference goes virtual—with a powerful list of policymakers, thought leaders and community members engaging on issues directly impacting African Americans and the global Black community—the AFT is right in step. The professional development series we’ve organized at the conference over the past six years, in partnership with CBCF and the Delta Research and Educational Foundation, is part of CBCF ALC’s “Teach Them the Way Tuesdays,” and will feature four presentations in September.

young black girl in foreground raises hand with smile on her facePhoto credit LumiNola/Getty

The series will highlight panel discussions on topics that will help educators better understand the intersection of race and education, equipping them to ensure all our children get the education they deserve. In particular, the series, named “COVID-19 or Not: Criminalization of American Schools Persists,” addresses the ways children are pushed out of school—often on a pathway to prison or low-paying jobs. Recent reports by the Schott Foundation for Public Education show that African American children are three times more likely to be pushed out of school than white students.

To combat that trend, teachers and other education professionals will examine the critical opportunities they have to make a difference in the lives of young students. Each session addresses a different topic:

By registering through CBCF-ALA for this free series, educators will have the opportunity to earn continuing education credits. Sessions are open to all, and will remain available on demand for six months. The entire CBCF-ALC is available free as well.

The AFT CBCF series is launching from the AFT’s Share My Lesson website, where educators can find a multitude of free resources at any time, including lesson plans and professional development opportunities created by and for educators.

To register for the series, or to attend any part of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference, go to the CBCF-ALA website to register. Information will then be sent to you by email regarding access to the series.