Union professional development earns 'Gold Standard' status

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Early childhood educators have long known that AFT professional development is a gold-standard opportunity—and now it's official.

On July 27, the AFT was awarded prestigious, new Gold Standard Training Certification from the Council for Professional Recognition, widely recognized for promoting performance and professional recognition for early childhood educators. The group's Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is a benchmark for what early childhood educators should know and be able to do, and the new Gold Standard certification tells CDA students that the AFT is a top-tier provider.

AFT members with certificates

"Your CDA Gold Standard Seal is a Recognition of Quality," the council explained to prospective organizations when it launched the recognition program in 2017. "We believe that our new CDA Gold Standard Training Certification adds value and integrity to the profession by verifying connections between the council's proven teacher competencies and the quality training resources available to CDA students through early childhood education."

Only a few organizations rise to the council's gold-standard level. The strength of AFT professional development across the board, and in particular areas such as training for PSRPs and in health and safety, were considerations that loomed large in the council's decision to confer this select honor on the union.

Gold Standard Training Certification is the highest status awarded by the council, a guide to help CDA students find organizations like the AFT that have a demonstrated track record of implementing and delivering high-quality training that is aligned in all subject areas of the CDA credentialing process.

[Mike Rose]